Monday, February 20, 2012

And yet I hope in YOU

So many things seem to have happened to some of us in the last 2 months. So many things that have brought us on a roller-coaster ride. And the ride is not about to end any time soon. I was filled with sadness when a dear friend had to leave. I dreaded a lot of things in a place I am familiar with without the familiar face. I stood firm in some ways ... as she said, perhaps it was meant to be so that some of us took charge of things and rise above all those heartbreaking things.
Then at the same time, I was "ambushed" by another news. And this has brought even more uncertainties into my life. My world seems to have turned upside down the last 2 months, literally.
And yet, I know there is hope. There is hope in Him who gives me strength. And I know, much as I want to deny it, we will all survive, nay, more than survive.
Friend, though you may feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, you will eventually prove to be the very piece that is missing in the lives of some people. I believe you are where you need to be, for a reason. And I believe you will fulfill that purpose eventually.
Friend, though you will soon feel more emptiness, you will be that important factor that fills some other people's lives. You know you won't be the only one who feels that emptiness. For some of us will feel it too.
Let's make a pact that we will not be the odd one out for long. We will make a difference wherever we are. And keep your trust in Him who gives you strength and hope.

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