Friday, November 20, 2009

What a waste of time and money!

Yesterday was a total waste of time for me, and for about 300 over people. On top of that, it was also a total waste of money ... tax payers' money.
Some people in a certain department had to finish spending money allocated to the said department. So, to finish it, they organised a trip for over 300 students and about 50 to 60 teachers. The trip was to Genting Highlands. I thought that we were going to have sessions of talks and then wander off to the theme park or something. I understiood that there would be facilitators.
Instead, what happened was that we were all given tshirts, track bottoms, name tags and caps. We were given drinks and food. Then we were brought to the theme park and Snow World. We were fed lunch at the First World Cafe. Good food! We were also taken to the Strawberry Farm. So, tell me, where is the objective of integration or lesson on whatever that the students were supposed to learn? I don't understand.
On top of that, the whole thing was such a shoddily organised programme (what programme?) that we spend a lot of time waiting for one another. So much time was wasted because the organisers were slow, or just plain ignorant. Being in Genting Highlands is generally an enjoyable time for most people. However, it was far from being enjoyable when the students (and teachers) were herded from place to place and made to wait for groups of people who were slow. So, wouldn't you agree that it was a waste of time and money? Grrrrrr.

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