Sunday, November 1, 2009

Her Majesty the Queen

Two nights ago marked a historical day for SA, and for most if not all of us, staff, students and parents of SA. We had dinner with her majesty, the Queen, otherwise known as the Permaisuri Agong.
The whole event was full of pomp and everyone turned up in their BEST outifts and all decked in fineries, bling blings and all. Everyone took extra care to look their best. Someone I know had her hair done, someone else had a make-up artist over to do up her makeuup. I had a manicure/pedicure. All because we wanted to look our best, and give ourselves a chance to pamper ourselves.
Looking at the outfits worn by most of us, I can safely say that this event will never be dwarfed by any other event we are all ever going to attend.
Although her majesty only spent about an hour with us, it was sufficient for us to experience the presence of ROYALTY in a very formal setting. It was scary and nerve-wrecking, but it was also something we will cherish. Pictures? Look for them in my facebook. I didn't bring my camera but some people are going to tag me there. Well, maybe I will post a few here later.

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