Sunday, November 8, 2009

What I am looking forward to

Like I wrote in my last post, there are two more weeks to go. In the meantime, I do look forward to some things. Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be in Malacca for a conference with my buddy. It is not a trip for pleasure, but it will not all be work. We will find time to roam the streets of Malacca for food and things to buy. We might even find time (and be thick skinned enough) to go for a swim. Or in my case, a dip in the pool. For sure it will be enjoyable because we will be learning, and hopefully improving on our knowledge. On top of that, being able to attend the conference with a good friend is indeed a bonus. And on top of that, with the two of us being the nutty people we are, sometimes, we are sure to make the best of the time there. After all, we don't travel to Malacca very often.
Besides that, I am also looking forward to writing again. Some of you might be aware that I write. I have co-written several workbooks and sample exam papers for publication. I have been asked to write again and I have agreed. Yes, there is a deadline, but I will just have to find time and get my creative juices to work. I have always enjoyed writing and improving on my writing skills. I am no Grace K for sure, but I am an English Language teacher after all.
Perhaps I will also be looking forward to learning some new things which I am not ready to share about yet. Some already know what new things I will be doing next year. I am fearful and I tremble with trepidation. But at the same time I am excited and I hope I do a good job.
As for the holidays, yes, I very much look forward to that. I have not planned anything yet. Perhaps I will do so soon. Ciao.

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