Monday, November 30, 2009

Photos as requested by Zainal

Practicum teachers and us

Had to sneak this in. A very old photo that resurfaced recently.

Sri Aman at "Two from Galilee"

Meeting up with an old friend ... Azian, and her family.

My few seconds of fame, with some "famous" people. Haha.
For Zainal, see the tall girl behind me? Faustina, Azlan's wife!
This has to be one of those unforgetables, for me anyway. Me dancing with Jeremy and a twisted ankle
Our pride, "I have a dream", the cast and crew.

Teachers Day 2009, with my good friends. Together we are really a force to reckon with.
At ICELT, with Dr Lee Su Kim (above), and Dr Alan Maley (below).

This man ... is one person who has often inspired me, Dr Malachi Edwin.

Ladies in blue at the Royal Gala Dinner

Staff and PTA of Sri Aman at the dinner

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