Tuesday, May 17, 2011


While we are still recovering from the royal wedding, I would like to remember a few weddings. Firstly is the wedding I recently attended, Michael and Vivienne. Michael is my former student from the first school I taught in. Well, what I attended was their wedding dinner, thrown by Viv's family. Their actual wedding is this coming Sunday and I will not be attending as it will be in MN. Thankfully hubby went with me for their dinner 2 Sundays ago. I am reminded of the time when I was a young teacher and Michael and his friends were still teenagers. How time has flown by and he is now a married man.
Another quite recent wedding I attended was Winnie's wedding. She is hubby's cousin and her wedding was spectacular to say the least. The wedding ceremonies were semi-traditional. The customs were somewhat observed. The dinner reception was an event to remember, thanks to Winnie's brother, Kevin. It was a good time of meeting up with relatives. Even my in laws were back for the wedding.
Another wedding hubby and I attended was just 2 days ago in Melaka. His friend's wedding. The journey there took 2 hours. We stayed about 45 minutes for the lunch and short chat with the bride. And then we left. Another almost 2 hours travelling home.
Probably more weddings to attend some time this year. But I do enjoy attending weddings.

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