Monday, May 30, 2011

The long-awaited holiday

I have been looking forward to this holiday for months. Literally! I am not doing well, with all the work that I have in school, and duties as wife, mother and daughter. It never ends, this sense of responsibility. At least, with the holidays, I don't have to be in school. I can spend a bit more time with the family and also to catch up on the marking of exam papers. And to top that off, God willing, I will go on a holiday with some friends soon.
I think I have been waiting to go away for a holiday, minus the family, for almost 2 years. Last year, we were supposed to go to Cherating. But the plan was cancelled when my maid ran away. Hubby was not going to be able to manage. This year, we decided to plan early and commit to the trip. The last few weeks, especially, I have been thinking of nothing else that I truly looked forward to than this trip. Yes, I will blog about it when I have gone there and returned safely. I hope and pray that the trip will be relaxing and enjoyable.
In the meantime, I still have to go back to school. There is cheer practice. I have to mark my exam papers. This is really taking a long time. I am trying to be thorough but it is time-consuming. And having 5 classes' papers to mark is no joke.
Tomorrow, I am taking my boys for skating and a movie. I am looking forward to it, not as much as they are, but still ... it will be a good break for me. More reason to work hard and mark tonight.

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