Monday, February 21, 2011


Since school started in January, it has been non-stop work and activities. I really thought I was going to collapse with exhaustion, mainly mentally and emotionally, and of course, physically. The one thing that had been occupying my time and my brain, really, was the production of SHORTS! My Lit students and I had planned from last year that we would put up a performance consisting of adaptations of 3 short stories. It was not going to be easy nor was it going to be a smooth-sailing process.
We had to change our date for the performance several times. We also had to look at other factors like the school calendar, and the CNY season. It was tough. But last Saturday, 19th Feb 2011, we managed to put up a relatively good show. I am proud of the effort put in, and the result of the effort. Am I happy with EVERYTHING? No, but then, I could not expect something perfect when we had so many problems and obstacles that we had to go through. So, I am pleased that we were able to still do a good job. I don't know about my students, if they learned something other than the stories. I hope they learned something more valuable than that - working together towards one common aim, being patient with one another, helping one another, listening to instructions, improvising, all of which are life lessons.
The play is over. We have to carry on with life, and with other lessons to come. There will be new"adventures" and experiences to go through. A friend asked if I;d do it all again (in spite of the screamings and scoldings and pressure etc). I hardly hesitated. It was a resounding YES. Am I a glutton for punishment? Maybe. But another buddy actually said, if I were to do it all again, I should ask her to help, again. So ... what reason do I have for not doing it again?

The cast and crew and helpers. Even Caleb and Vong!!!

The cast and crew after the matinee

(Photos courtesy of Catherine Yee)

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