Monday, February 7, 2011


I have been extremely lazy to blog. Too many things occupying my mind and time. I have been busy with :
  • organising my drama production for the Literature group. This is a mega project for me as it was with my friend last year. Practices are on-going. Finances are being organised and allocated. Publicity is ok, going to be putting up posters and flyers. Banners too.
  • getting a new team for D*starz. Although I have not been showing my face that much at practices and audition, I have been working on the background, getting things organised for the setting up of the new team. This has also been time and energy sapping as the club will be more active and play a more important role.
  • getting used to a new administration at work. Lots of things to get used to. More expectations on the staff and it is stressful. I will have to learn to put in more time for work and to be more disciplined.
  • CNY. It doesn't feel very much like the CNY as I have been so distracted by work and everything else. Thankfully I have managed to buy CNY clothes as well as the usual things that we end up bringing to visit relatives. Very often I have put myself last in buying things and this year has not been any different. I bought my things 2 days before CNY and I am glad I managed to get the clothes.
  • trying to see how to manage time for Jonathan. Now that he is in Year 4, he will be expected to attend co-curricular activities and I have to find a way to make sure he has transport.
It's only February and I am already feeling out of sorts. Too many things happening in the last 5 weeks. I am going to need all the strength I need to go through the next 2 weeks, especially. I am just thankful that I have very helpful and wonderful friends who are assisting me in some of the work I need done. Love you gals.

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