Thursday, November 4, 2010

The last six months

Being maidless for the last six months has played havoc in my life. A lot of things I used to take for granted became mysteries to me. All those personal times or ME times no longer existed. Most of my waking hours were either spent in school or attending to the children at home. By the time everyone went to sleep, I was too tired to achieve much. Forget marking books, forget looking after my own well-being, forget being a patient wife and mother. The house? It has not had a good mopping. We clean it as well as we can but .... nothing like having someone actually cleaning the house on a regular basis. As for the laundry ... everything went into the machine, well, almost everything. Clothes tore and the quality of cleaning is low. My temper has flared numerous times just because I wasn't able to juggle everyone's needs and having my own needs unfulfilled. It has been tough.
On the bright side, I see my children a lot more. I spend a bit more time with them. We talk, we play, we laugh. This has been good, especially for Joel, who seems to have started speaking a lot more. I take my children out a lot more. We go grocery shopping together. We go for meals outside together.
Well, my new maid, actually former maid, is supposed to come in the next few days. I am grateful that I will have an extra pair of hands and feet. I so desperately need some ME time, an opportunity to rest and relax and not have to bother about housework or even the children's needs. For a few days, I just want to be able to get back some sanity. I need to catch up with some work, and some other things that do matter. And yet I thank God for helping me through the last 6 months or so.

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zainalmy said...

just to know that your maid is coming back is a BIG relief already. at last...