Monday, November 15, 2010

God's timing

Many things have happened to me not according to MY timing. More often than not, these not-my-timing incidents have been a major inconvenience to me. But on hindsight, many of them have happened the way God would have wanted them to happen, and somehow, they happened to my benefit ultimately.
I am trusting that all that has been happening to me, the things that have occurred ... are all according to His timing, and ultimately will not disappoint.
My maid has not arrived. She was supposed to have arrived a week ago. But things just have to happen to delay her arrival. Call it divine intervention if you will. Because of Gunung Merapi's eruption, flights in and out of Solo were cancelled. So she has not been able to come. If her original flight had been even 3 days earlier ... she would have arrived. There would not have been flight cancelled on her. BUT as things went, her arrival has been delayed, again. She was supposed to have arrived in September, then early October, then end of October ... you get the picture. Makes me wonder, is she supposed to come? Is she meant to come?
The tiring year has not ended for me. Thought I would have 6 weeks or so to enjoy my freedom, and my kids. Not going to happen. I am going to invigilate. Of all years I am given this duty, it has to be this year, when I most need the holiday. I am tired. I was so hoping to get time to rest, to not worry about work, to spend time with my family, to go somewhere. Why, o why?
I can only trust that everything will work out well, according to His purpose. He has never failed me and I take heart that I can continue to trust, and obey.

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