Sunday, September 12, 2010

One week down, another week to go

Time surely flies when you're having fun, or at least when you're not having a tough time. I have been enjoying myself, not doing anything in particular. I have been catching up on my sleep. I have almost forgotten what it is like to sleep in until I am ready to climb out of bed.
I have also been spending some quality time with my kids. It was good being able to take them out and just not be bothered about other things, like chores and whatever is waiting at home. Hubby and I spent a weekend in KL, staying in KL Plaza for 2 nights, and went round a fair bit in KL. No we didn't do a lot of the things I wanted to do, which was a disappointment. But the kids enjoyed themselves, and that was important. We managed to go to Lot 10 to eat, KL Convention Centre for the Book Fest and Yamaha Piano sale, KLCC for window shopping and to catch a movie, Cats and Dogs, walked through Pavillion a bit, drove around aimlessly and even ate at Soo Kee.
I also managed to meet up with an author, Robert Raymer, whose short story Neighbours we are studying in English Literature class. I took Jon and Jeremy to the Book Fest and met up with Sib and family, and also some of our Lit girls to meet Mr Raymer. We spent about half an hour or so with him, asking him questions and also getting to know this author and his works. Of course, the girls were going ga-ga over his son, Zaini. That is to be expected. Looks like our little meeting might be reported in a newspaper. We'll see. Read about it here.
At the Book Fest, Jon and Jeremy had a great time browsing through the books and reading some while waiting for me. We also bought quite a fair number of books, and bags, and stationery items too. They were going cheap, so, why not?
I have bought Mr Raymer's two books and have started reading one. Well, I am about two thirds done. What have I discovered is that I could probably write something like what he has done too. I have written before, albeit for examination purposed and workbooks. But I know, I can write. I guess I am just too lazy. I realise I am just too lazy to actually notice things and jot them down somewhere. Otherwise, I would probably have written a collection of short stories. I dare not say a novel, but who knows! Am I inspired to write? Well, I HAVE been writing, although only in my blog. Perhaps I will continue to write in my blog and be a bit more serious about it. Then perhaps, I can be like Marina Mahathir, and publish a collection of my thoughts and musings. Well, I can dream, can't I?
Yes, I have one more week to go. I cannot rest too much. I actually have work to do. And I cannot believe I have let the entire week slip by when I could have done some work. I know I will feel guilty ... tomorrow. Well, I am not going to feel guilty now as I just want to be able to rest and relax and not worry about work for another day.

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