Thursday, September 23, 2010

Learning curve

I am 41 this year. Celebrated my birthday a little over a week ago. What I have discovered is truly that there is no end to learning. And there is no end to the work that I have to do.
I had 2 weeks to enjoy as we had a one week mid-semester break and another week for Hari Raya. The first week was rather relaxing, mainly resting and enjoying the family.
The second week was, however, a tiring week and it was filled with work. In June, I took a few girls to a state level competition for the entrepreneurship thing that was organised by the cooperative society people. We won first prize and are therefore, the representative for Selangor for the national level competition.
However, we were not told when the competition would be and I had been making calls to the organisers or people in the know about it and enquired, to no avail. All I got was ... we don't know the dates and venue yet ... you will receive a letter when the time comes. Typical of disorganised people. So we waited. And on 7th Sept, I got a call asking if I would be submitting the report and all on 9th. I almost fainted! I told them no I could not submit. Firstly, the report was not done, and there was no guide on what was to be done. Secondly, it was 3 days before Hari Raya and everyone was on holiday. So I asked for extension until the following week. So I rested those few days of Hari Raya and then I got down to work to do the report. I know, it's not my work per se. But what to do? The girls would never understand the work involved and it would be inpossible to get them to do it on time.
So I got down to work. Day time was near impossible to do anything with the report as the children would be taking up my time. So I would start doing work around midnight and get to sleep only at 5am. That went on a few days and eventually I thought I had finished about 90% of the work. I was stuck with some accounting details which I did not understand. So I called up some people and asked others who were online for ideas and help.
Thankfully, the twins, Boh & Kuan, offered to help. They turned up at my house and spent the whole Saturday afternoon doing the accounts section with me. I think we spent more than half the time arguing and thrashing about the details to include and leace out. But we managed to do most of it. By Sunday they emailed me a few more details they thought I should include, which I did.
Monday was a hectic day. School had reopened and that was the day I was going to hand deliver the report to the organisers, in KL. I spent the morning printing copies of the report, getting them bound and verified. Then PDing and I drove to KL and submitted the report.
The whole thing with this project report was a learning process for me. I am no accountant and I am no businesswoman. But I was compiling the report like one and writing the report like an accountant of sorts. It was not easy but I learned. It was a steep learning curve for me but ... I think I am grateful for the opportunity, although I complain about the work.
Well, the Lord never gives us more than what we can bear. I take comfort in that.

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