Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glasses or spectacles

Just as a rose by any other name is still a rose, whether we call them glasses, or spectacles, or cermin mata, or just plain MATA, what it indicates to me is that I am in dire need of them. To read. I have a pair of reading glasses. I don't wear them very often but increasingly I find that I need them.
Not this kind of old-fashioned glasses, of course. Slightly better looking than the one above. I cannot afford to splurge on a nice beautiful pair of glasses, especially since I am only using them to read.
Of course it would be wonderful if I could buy a pair like the ones above. Nice .... but I bet they are expensive.
I have managed to lose my pair of reading glasses. Can't find it anywhere. I will give it another few days, to show grow legs and show up in front of me. If I still cannot find it, I have no choice but to get another pair done. And this time I will get a pair that is stylish and do a bifocal and wear it all the time! I think. If I can bear with it.

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