Monday, August 2, 2010

Wholesome weekend

The weekend that has just passed was a wholesome one, something my family truly enjoyed. We didn't go anywhere in particular, but it was just a weekend that we spent together. My sons finally had me all to themselves.
For so many weekends they were not able to go anywhere, at least not with me. I have been working too hard and too long. I finally made the decision to come back to my family and give them the priority everyone deserves. And it was a good, nay, great decision.
Saturday started with an outing to One Utama with my boys. The last time I was there was in February. And that was also only to have dinner. And before that was ... last year. We only walked around and had lunch. Then the boys enjoyed themselves in a bookstore. That was all, but they had fun. Then we went home and got their things to go swimming. Hubby and I have enrolled Jon and Jeremy in swimming class and they had a great time. After we got home, and the boys had dinner, Joel fell asleep while having dinner. He didn't finish it, and I got him to sleep (until the next morning). The rest of us spent the evening watching video together.
On Sunday, after church, we went for lunch together. Nothing much to shout about but it was nice to be out together. After resting at home for a while, we went to the pool again. The classes are on Saturday and Sunday. So my weekends are going to be tied down from now on. Jon and Jeremy are reall enjoying the swimming classes although they were apprehensive about going into the water without their floats. It helps that the instructor is a sweet young thing who is very patient with children.
So that was my very wholesome weekend. Boring for some people, but I really cherish the time we had together. Much as I dread the fact that my weekends are tied down, I look forward to being with the children, and having family time together.

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