Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a relief but here comes work again

I am relieved that things are working out better, at least for now. I don't have to worry about the team being hijacked. I hope. But there is plenty of work waiting. For the team, there will be work in October for sure. And perhaps even in September. In addition, it will soon be time to regroup as we will be losing the Form 5s, and then some. It will be sad and it will take a lot of work to regroup. I can just see it.
In addition to that, there will be work with the English Lit girls. We need to get going with the plan to put up 3 skits by early next year. We haven't got ourselves going. And it is August already. I am worried.
Normal mundane school work. There is plenty of that. I am struggling as I just cannot seem to find the energy and drive to do them. I think, perhaps, having tasted work in other areas, I cannot bring myself to sit down and just do things like marking and other paper work.
I do wish to have a loooooong holiday of just not doing any school work. But I bet I will be bored sitting at home and just face my own kids for weeks. We'll see.

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