Saturday, June 19, 2010

It is coming to an end

What is? The two week break, that's what. They say time flies when you're having fun. Well, time flies too when you're not having fun.
I thought it'd be a relaxing and interesting holiday. Didn't quite turn out to be so. I spent the 2 weeks really tired and also partly sick. So it has not been fun. It has not been very relaxing either.
The holiday started with the SOX Competition. It was a public holiday. I have forfeited 2 public holidays for the team and SOX Regional and Finals. I should be compensated for that. It took be a few days to really recover from the weekend due to all sorts of things I had to sort out. And then hubby had to go to England for work. So I was pretty much left alone to take care of the whole family and the house and the dog and the python. It was tiring for me, doing all sorts of house work and entertaining the boys. And it was lonely having to spend the evenings and nights on my own when the kids had gone to bed.
And I still went to school that first week. D*starz was in training Monday and Tuesday. I wasn't there for long, but I was there! Wednesday and Thursday, I looked in on the team when they went for Cheer Camp in Puchong. I had to see to their needs, making sure they had water, food, etc. I had to take my boys everywhere with me the few days because there was no one to take care of them. Imagine the havoc. Joel's finger got bitten by the school's tortoise. Sigh!
Friday to Sunday, I took my boys for the Cell Group Retreat in Melaka. It was nice for them but tiring for me as I had to see to all the packing, cleaning up after them, everything. I drove to Melaka. Thank God the CG members helped with the boys. I just did not have enough hands to hold all 3 boys, esp when going out walking along the Jonker Walk area. The streets were so narrow. The traffic was terrible. But the boys had a good time. They went swimming in the hotel pool. We went on the river cruise. We went to the Butterfly Park. We had Nyonya food. But I was really tired. And I drove home from Melaka. The amount of laundry to do after that was .... sigh!
Hubby came back a few days ago. With lots of laundry! SIGH! And I got sick just before he came home. I had low grade fever and lots of body aches. It felt like I was going to get the flu. That didn't happen, but just as the fever subsided, I got diarrhoea. Three days of diarrhoea was not fun. At least it wasn't overly serious.
Thursday I was in school for over 4 hours. D*starz was being filmed by 8TV. We used the hall and had to pick up after some of them before locking up. Grrr.
Friday was basically a day for me to just rest a bit and also catch up with a few more house work. It's Saturday now. I am in school again. D*starz again. Where did the time go? I haven't had a good break. I am tired. I haven't done most of the things I thought I could do. Just no energy. And no mood.
I know I sound like I am being evasive of work but, when school is in session, I am so drowned with work that I have little time for family and myself. So when it is holiday time, I just want to throw away work and focus on family, house and myself (not that I have managed to focus on myself). Probably if I had a helper it would be easier, but that is something I just have to work around. Oh well.
So, I have today, and tomorrow to catch up on some work, hopefully. I am honestly tired, and just want to crawl into bed and sleep for another week!

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