Saturday, June 5, 2010


I seldom feel the kind of euphoria I felt today. Today has been such a roller coaster ride for me. Well, perhaps for others as well, but my emotions were going up and down, alternating between joy and pride with disappointments and annoyance. Come what may, the bottom line is that it was such a wonderful day.
Today was the day my cheer girls competed in the SOX All Stars Drum and Dance Finals at the Stadium Negara. The day did not start out too well as there were misunderstandings as well as miscommunications. I was super annoyed with some people but in the end things worked out in spite of everything.
Then they competed. The first round went okay with some infractions and problems. It wasn't bad but it could be lots better. But they made it to the top 7 for round 2. It was a tough time while waiting for that result. To top it off, the team was announced and straight away asked to prepare to perform. It was almost crazy for the girls but they performed almost flawlessly. We were going to be top three for sure.
During lunch hour, before round two, actually there was something I was really happy about. I got a Blackberry Curve 8520 for the I love my teacher contest on Facebook. The prize giving ceremony was then and I got it!!!
Then after all the teams had competed for Round 2, we were sure we would get at least 3rd, if not better. So the result time started with Best Dressed and WE WON!!!! I knew it would sound unfair as I was sure we would sweep a few prizes. Then we also won for the top SMS votes. Before long it was time to announce the top 3 winners. Third : Zodiac All Boys .... and I thought they were going to be first or second. Then second : Pirates. When they announced that, we were sure that we had won. No other team was better. And when they announced the winner as D*starz, I was crying like a baby, as were the girls and their mothers. It was extremely emotional but I was sooooooooo proud of them. So ... yes one event over. But the euphoria is going to linger for another few days.
Though that seems to be enough to feel what I feel now : a 4 in one win; something else came up and looks like we will have more work. What is it? I will disclose when the time is right. But it is all good.
Time to do my laundry and then go to sleep. VERY tired. Good night world, and WELL DONE, D*starz.

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