Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My table is finally without work space

It has taken 4 months, but it has finally happened. My table is now devoid of work space. I only have space to put things. I am also now swamped with work. And this is the worst time for that to happen. I just wish for some understanding on the part of some people.
I am flattered that many think I am capable. But I am not THAT capable. I am only human and I can only do so much. I cannot create miracles and I cannot give more than what I have. A lot of I being mentioned but .... hey .... that is one thing I seldom do, focus on the I.
I am praying that some people will understand if I cannot produce wonderful work. I am losing focus, I am losing myself. Soon there might not be anymore ME. I cannot afford to have that happen. Especially when so many people, read : FAMILY, are depending on me. I cannot afford to get sick, and I cannot afford to go bonkers.
To those whom I come into contact with, I ask for some understanding and compassion. And I wish those NOT reading this but need to, PLEASE STOP PILING WORK ON ME!

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