Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy busy busy

This is turning out to be a busy month and it is not going to ease up next month either. Though the gigs for D*starz did not work out, now they are busy with so many other things. Currently we are busying over their costume and payments for them. They are also busy preparing for competitions soon.
1 May is the Celcom Central Region Cheer Competition
15 May is the National Youth Day Cheer Competition
Mid year exam starts 18th May for the Form 5s
29-30 May is C3 and SEA Cheer competition - which we are not taking part in
If we qualify -
6 June is the National Celcom Cheer Competition

In the meantime, we have also been busy with the Autism Walk sales. Thanks to all the girls who worked hard, we made quite a bundle. Also thanks to the parents who sponsored things. Their gifts are much appreciated.

Aside from cheer things, I am also being kept busy. Falling behind in some work does not help. I am going to be observed, my classes' books need to be checked, mid-year exam papers need to be done. In addition, I will be travelling quite a fair bit too. The Langkawi trip for the staff is in May. My Ladies' trip is also in May. Cell group retreat is in June. The literature conference is in June. So I am really not sure how much I can handle. As it is I have been naughty in rejecting to be on duty for the MSSS Olahraga. Just too much in my cup and I cannot do it.

Well, this is as much as I can update for now. I'm very distracted with the work I have to do.

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