Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is too good to not blog about

Today is a very special day for SA. Though we have been getting 100% practically every year or so for SPM, we still shake with fear that something could have jeopardized the result. Just as the students and parents worry and stress over the results, the teachers too, were anxious.
So kudos and CONGRATULATIONS to all in SA, especially teachers, who have worked hard to help the students. NO most of the students did not need a lot of help to pass, but we still did our work and helped them to excel. I may not have taught Form 5 for many years, but I know I have a hand in helping to mould the students. Maybe not much, but still, I am proud of the girls whom I protect fiercely if needed.
Like what the principal said, we are not a boarding school, not an elite school allowed to choose all the students. Yet we have still managed to hang in there year after year. All these can only be done through the cooperation among the members of the SA family.
And a very special congratulations to Grace who managed to get 15 A+s, in all the subjects she took. The Graces of the world only come once in a few years. I am honoured and proud to have been your teacher once.
On another note, my good friend attended an interview today. I hope she will be chosen to attend the Talkback Classroom programme as a chaperon/accompanying teacher. She is more than qualified to do the job. I hope the interviewers see that.
As for the 4 gentlemen who have been with us for 2 weeks, tomorrow is your last day. I know you have never taught before and you're just being exposed to life as a teacher these 2 weeks. I hope that SA has shown you and taught you what it means to give your all, to mould the lives of those you will one day call, STUDENTS! Do not take for granted the work that you will be doing one day. Go and study to be a teacher, and then come back and do a GREAT job.
Phew! What a day!

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