Sunday, March 7, 2010

Diverse Interests

I am in the midst of organizing an outing for my group of friends. We have been lamenting that our husbands got to go on an overnight trip last year and we wanted to go off somewhere too, this year. So I was tasked to find out information on places we can go to. Trouble is, all of us have such diverse interests that it is difficult to please everyone. We have the shopping ones who prefer to go to places where we can literary shop till we drop. We also have the ones interested in relaxation .... read : Spa. And we have people who do not like the hot weather, so the beach is out. And we don't want to get sea-sick, so cruise is out. We don't want to spend too much time travelling, so anywhere outside the country or outside west Malaysia is out. We don't want to spend too much money on accommodation, so places like Langkawi and some resorts are out. We don't want to drive too far, so we are now restricted to, say, 250km radius of KL/PJ. So now I am wondering ... WHERE CAN WE GO?
It is super frustrating because we have to cater to everyone's needs, likes and wants. Some of us are okay with practically anything, as long as the place is nice and accommodation is clean. What we do there is secondary as we just want to fellowship and enjoy one another's company. I am really stumped now. And it is sooooo time consuming looking up information. Honestly I feel like throwing in the towel.


zainalmy said...

wah so complicated...

Chris said...

I know, kan?

Tobiyama said...

Christina jiejie,

Try Magick River in Kuala Kubu Bharu~ It's just slightly on the outskirt of the town~ Penan settlements, wooden huts, forest surroundings, rivers, waterfalls~ The waters are clean; you will see people bottling up water along the highway to drink~ The area has very good energy~
And you get to meet Antares, someone very interesting~


Chris said...

I have met Antares. Back when he was known as Kit Leee. Don't like him, did not appreciate what he did when I met him.
As for back to nature kind of thing, not quite what most of the ladies have in mind.

Tobiyama said...

Oh dear, that's unfortunate~

Well, have fun planning some more~

Lots Of Positive Energies To You, Christina jiejie~!