Thursday, March 25, 2010

I feel swamped

Teaching in SA is really taking its toll on me. No, let me correct that .... Working in SA is really taking its toll on me. I am tired, physically and mentally. Part of me is protesting vehemently about the amount of work that lands on my lap. It doesn't look like a lot, but the amount of time and energy spent on them, not to mention the amount of money I actually spend on them, is really more than many expect.
It is especially taxing when a lot of my work deals with outside people. This is especially so with a few things I do : Cheer, F1 dance crew, magazine, and anything that some people don't know Justify Fullwhere to dump, and it lands on my lap. I am tired.
Just this afternoon I got a call from someone who complained ... not about me, but to me about some other people. I felt so weary after listening to her. Why? Because I know I could not stand by and NOT do anything. Because I felt for her, though I know she was probably a bit too much for some other people to bear. Because I felt I had to do something. So I did something .... and it is tiring settling other people's problems and issues.
My other "usual" amount of work is also getting too heavy to handle sometimes. Part of me is just burnt out and occasionally I feel like throwing in the towel. But I can't.
And I just got news I am supposed to go for district level sports duties, like every year. Why can't they just take other people? Why must it be me? I'd like to think it's because I do a good job. But I cannot be everywhere doing so many things and not having my focus in the things that matter. So, for the first time in over a decade, I am REFUSING to go. I simply cannot afford the time to be away from school and all the work that is waiting for me. I don't want to always play catching up with all the work that gets neglected when I go for sports duties.
Yeah yeah ... venting. I needed to.

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