Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Okay, what's the big deal about being maidless? Well, I'm having maid withdrawal symphtom. Can't go anywhere without all 3 kids. Have to do MY own things and things my maid used to do for me. My house is less clean, and all the clothes ar chucked into the machine. No one is doing the ironing for now. Am planning to either send the clothes to the laundry for ironing or get someone to come and do cleaning. It has been only 2 days and I'm tired. Mainly because Joel is unwell and has lost his appetite, I guess. I'm thankful that mum is taking care of all things kitchen-wise, and hubby's aunty is here trying to help. But she's leaving soon. I'm glad tomorrow isa holiday (Happy birthday to the Sultan of Selangor), and hubby will be around to take over the kids while I do some chores. Putt says to not turn into Cruella. I think I am turning to Cruella. Sigh!

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