Sunday, December 21, 2008


My cheer girls have been busy lately. In spite of not making it to Monsoon Cup, they were busy with several things. The first one is Cheer Jam. I understand that 3 of them attended it. A good thing. I wish I had known about it earlier, esp the one for the coaches and all. Maybe I could have attended so that I can learn more. And I would have deferred my maid's return another month.
Last week they also went to Berjaya Times Square for a gig with Packet One. Apparently the first day didn't go too well. But they picked up after that and spent another 2 days doing good work. I wish I cold have been there. Another group went to NTV7 and had an advert for them. So it was a good week and financially rewarding week.
Now my next plan is to find out what happened to the skirts that the girls lent to some Assunta girls for a McD thing. Apparently not all the skirts came back. So I will have to either get the borrowers to find them or pay some money to replace them. Next time, no more that kind of borrowing. We should ask the borrowers and renters to pay a deposit and if the uniform does not come back in complete sets, then they forfeit the deposit. And they STILL have to pay some rental fee. I'm sure my girls will agree ... RIGHT?

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