Wednesday, December 17, 2008

50th Post

This is my 50th post in this new blog. Things have been moving along for me. I realised that much as I had dreaded the work and task of taking care of my 3 boys and doing house work, I have managed well. Yeah yeah, I had help. My mum is a much appreciated help. And the boys have occasionally been good. Jon is learning to help with a few things .... washing his own cups and helping his brothers when bathing. Jeremy has learned that mummy is upset when he scolds his brothers using some unbecoming words, and apologises. Joel is learning that mummy means business and so gets a bit more disciplined.
Going shopping for groceries and going marketing is still a little tricky but so far, I have managed. My only wish is that I can go out by myself once in a while. Habit!!!!! Well, I thank God that He has helped me to manage. Christmas is coming and I hope to be able to get a few more things done before Christmas arrives.

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