Monday, January 16, 2012

Time for a new start

Reality : Some things have to be left behind. The past is the past. I cannot bring it back.
Reality : Someone new is going to take over. Be it someone from the outside or from the inside.
So what do I do about it? Nothing much. There is nothing I can do to change things. But that does not mean I will sit quietly and take things thrown to me and at me and wait for things to happen. For a long time I was a relatively quiet person. I was happy and contented to let others make decisions and do the fighting if there is a fight.
For a long time I allowed myself to be comfortable amidst all the work and busy life I have. I could do with less work but ... I knew I could cope, most of the time.
But that time has ended. I do not believe in the way some things are happening. I don't believe in the way some people are doing things. And I don't believe in keeping quiet about things anymore. I can be a wonderful ally. But no, some people are so threatened that I have become their antagonist. Fine! Then I shall be antagonistic. Not because I am, by nature, antagonistic. But because I will stand for what I think is fair, I will not allow myself to be swept by the currents of narcissism. I will not be party to the plot to turn this into something unrecognisable. Do I worry about repercussion? Yes, a little. But I am not going to let that turn me into a coward.
It is time for a new start.


zainalmy said...

fight... fight... fight!

Chris said...

Zainal the "stone fire" ah?