Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is what she will do

I will not make this into a "remember her" thing as if I will never see her again.
Instead, I want to think of all the good she will bring to her new place.
She will bring a dynamism that they will need. They will soon realise how work can be more than just work when you do something with passion and love. They will see how she exudes dynamics among people and especially the students she will come into contact with.
She will bring a work culture that puts many to shame. Although she keeps saying she wants to stay under the radar, she will not be able to do so. She is a salt and light of the earth although she either doesn't know it or denies it. She will be a beacon of light to those students and she will bring them to greater heights.
She will have a close relationship with people around her, she will make people laugh with her and cry with her. She will cause others to look at themselves and ask if they have done the best they could. She will ask people to think about things outside of their comfort zone, think out of the box, think and weigh the issues and make wise choices.
She will care for the new students she will teach, she will ask them to lay bare their souls as they explore many things together. In the process, she will also open up herself to them.
She will do the best she can to convince those she teaches that they are better than they can ever imagine. She will allow them to go much farther than anyone has ever ventured. She will keep a close eye on them in the meantime.
She will prove that a teacher makes a difference in whatever she is thrown in. She will bring up the group she will be associated with. She will encourage them to grow and to always improve.
All these and more, she will do. And for that, I wish her all the best and I envy those whose lives she will touch. Thanks for doing all those and more in the 7 years you have been here. Yes, it is time for you to touch more lives. Continue to be the salt and light that many need. Just remember us once in a while, and make time to meet up. I am honoured to have been and always will be your friend.

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Sibyl said...

You sure know how to make me cry. But you have an in-depth view of me which I don't seem to see. Thank you for dedicating 2 entire posts to me. I treasure those heartfelt words, something not easy to verbalise and yet you excel at it. You paint wonderfully, more than you realise because I know I cannot. I do know it's hard to be under the radar as i have already revealed too much of my to the Koku. I hope he has short term memory loss. LOL
It is our passion to teach and inspire - you are no different, so please keep being you as well and infect the lives you touch as you have mine. We will meet up, more than you can imagine!