Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just some updates

The last couple of weeks have been rather crazy and busy. I'm just going to blog about some of the happenings randomly, in no particular order or importance.
  • Langkawi trip - This was a trip I had been excited about for a while. It came upon me so quickly and so suddenly that I was almost unprepared for it. I had been so busy that I did not realise that I was days away from the trip. Then I was up to my neck scrambling to pack and to make sure my children's needs were all attended to in my absence. All in all, I had a good time. I felt bad as my apartment mates did not sleep well, but I slept so well that the who island could have shaken and I would still be asleep. I enjoyed the time we chilled, the shopping we did and the craziness we displayed the whole time we were there. It was wonderful to just throw caution to the wind and not be teachers for those few days. What I enjoyed the most was forgetting my role as somebody's someone. I was just ME and not someone whose identity depends on my relationship with someone else.
  • Preparation for Celcom SOX Drum and Dance - No I did not do anything actively because it is NOT me who have to perform and compete. But I have been busy stressing over the girls and also over the votes. I have been rather upset and annoyed (to put it mildly) with some people due to their lack of commitment and discipline. I understand exams are upon them. What I cannot understand is how they claim to be so involved and committed and yet not attend practices, and are not bothered to give reasons for their non-attendance. Supposedly they are busy with exams, but they are also so busy on Facebook and other social networks and other things. And that irritated me to no end. On top of that, they think that as long as other people send in SMSes to vote, they do not have to vote. So why do I bother? Sounds familiar as I have been through the same kind of thing before : the students taking things for granted and taking me for granted. They are so easily satisfied with mediocrity and do not strive for excellence. Perhaps they just cannot aim that high and do not foresee themselves achieving greatness. How sad it is!
  • Doing HOUSEWORK! Housework is NO fun. I don't like it but I have to do it due to the lack of a domestic helper. I have to learn to close one or even both eyes to things that are not high in the list of priorities. Seeing to the needs of the 3 kids and the BIG kid is no joke. Nevertheless, I am thankful for the help that I have been getting from some people. No longer do I have the luxury of just leaving chores to someone else. My time at home is no longer mine, except when the kids are not at home.
So these have been keeping me busy. More to come. Can't update more. Just too tired and my brain is not working well anymore.