Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I surprised them, and myself

I find it extremely funny that I have been surprising the colleagues here. Though I am an experienced teacher, they didn't think that I was going to be a very able teacher. Or perhaps they just haven't encountered many teachers like me. And there ARE many, eh, Sib?
So, I think the fact that I just took over the choral speaking team from the get go, was a real surprise to them. No one thought I was going to do that, not the students, not the teachers. And certainly not the admin. Instead of assisting the teacher in charge, I ended up being THE teacher in charge (although on paper I was not). I did the script and I trained the students. In a way, I also surprised myself because I had not planned to do that. But when I agreed to help, well, those who know me just know that I would end up doing more than was expected of me. In a way I learned that I simply CANNOT be put in charge of anything really as I will BE IN CHARGE! Oh boy!
Then when I mentioned to my colleague that I did the exam paper within 2-3 days, again someone was surprised. I mean, that is how I operate. I have to quickly finish it when I have the time, and mood. ;-) And I just cannot be bothered to look through countless workbooks and reference books for suitable material.  Instead, I do my own. Yes, mostly original and authentic material. I have been doing this ever since I started teaching. No biggie. But this is not what most teachers do, I guess.
So, I am in charge of another choral speaking team ... I think I am going to end up being in charge of choral speaking for a long time, here. So I wrote the script within 2 days. My colleagues were very surprised. One commented I should write books for publishing. I showed her one of my workbooks, published in 2001, I think. She was VERY surprised. Hmm ... Maybe I should have kept very quiet. There goes my plan to stay under the radar. Nope, not going to happen.
So .... where am I going with this? I guess, I am not that much of an average teacher afterall. I have done things many have not thought to do.
Looking back, I realise I have done a lot! Oh yes, I am surprised too.


Cikgu Zainal said...

See the legs first lah :)

Puteri's territory said...

That's why you're my good friends as i only befriended awesome people

Chris said...

See what legs, Zainal?