Thursday, January 23, 2014


Life is so full of uncertainties, more so if you live the life of an expatriate family. Every 2 or 3 years, depending on the contract of working in a foreign land, you will end up at a place whereby you just have to wait, and see what happens. Any of these can happen :
1. an extension of the contract (which means, you stay for another ?? years)
2. get repatriated back to home country (which means you leave for home)
3. get repatriated to ANOTHER country (which means you leave, and start anew)
4. get an offer to work for another company (which means now you see what happens next - move or stay)
5. resignation or retirement (you choose what to do next).
In the one and a half years I have been in Shanghai as an expat wife, I have seen families come and go or stay under any one of those five conditions. We ourselves are now at a juncture whereby we too will face that question. What's next? Hubby's contract will end soon. The current company has not offered to extend. Even if it does, will we?
With this kind of uncertainty, it's hard. There is so much to think about, to plan. And everything affects everyone, the husband, the wife, the children.
How do I feel? On the one hand, I am worried and afraid. On the other hand, I look forward to whatever comes my way.
I just hope, and pray, that wherever we are, whatever we do, my family will stay together, and we will trust God to lead us.

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sgrmse. said...

do you live in shanghai now, teacher? (: it's mel ng.. from 06 batch. i'm so so glad to see you still have this blog up (:

it's nice to read now & again. your sons are all so big now!