Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There are lots of bees buzzing everywhere around me at work. Everyone is is turning into bees. Everyone is busy with paper work in addition to teaching work. Furthermore, activities have started and everyone is involved in one activity or another. I have not had time to formally welcome 2011. I don't think I want to anymore. I just want to do my work, try and finish all I am supposed to do on time, and to be the best that I can.
Some people might think that my responsibility is on the lighter side this year. I agree, it is true, in terms of the number of posts I have. But my work is far from being light as I am in charge of the busiest club with the most number of "meetings" and "outings"; and with the most "money in and out". Just look at my accounts and you will agree.
Next is my involvement with the editorial board. I have not done a very good job in the two years prior to this. I intend to do a much better job this year. And I will start earlier too. And I hope to be more systematic and organised.
Teaching is still my core business. I will try very hard to do a better job. I will try to complete my work faster and be more organised. I really would like to focus better on teaching. And the drama that my girls and I are putting up next week will be the biggest project for me this year. I hope.
Does this count as a resolution? Perhaps. But I need to stop being a bee and become a human again.

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