Sunday, February 7, 2010

The bashing and dissatisfaction

Since the list of 20 schools was announced, there have been comments and criticisms about the 20 that made it and the others that didn't. I am not going to defend all 20 schools. I can only defend mine. Talk to me personally if you wish to have a discussion on this.
SA, admittedly, is not a perfect school. We are also far from being the ideal school. But then, I don't think any school can claim to being that either. It is with humility that we, in SA, especially the staff, accept the honour. We can see how much work and effort we will have to put in to justify our appointment. It is an honour and that comes with lots of responsibility. In a way, it will drive me to work harder, to work with a better system and be more disciplined in my work.
I hope that the students too will see this as an achievement that they have to maintain. And I pray that we can all work together to make sure that we never put SA to shame in any way.

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